0.35m Ku-band Flyaway Satellite Antenna

The whole machine integrates antenna unit, RF unit, servo unit, satellite Modem, wireless router, power supply unit, etc. The whole machine is light in weight, easy to carry, easy to set up and remove quickly, and realize two-way communication with the target satellite.

Technical data

Product name

0.35m Ku-band Flyaway Satellite   Communication Terminal

Antenna feeder form

Microstrip plate

Product model


Equivalent aperture

0.35 m

Polarization mode

Linear polarization

Antenna frequency

RX10.7512.75 GHz

Antenna gain


TX13.7514.50 GHz


Port isolation

RT≥ 85 dBField input port


RX≤ 1.8

TR≥ 40 dBPower amplifier   outlet

TX≤ 1.8

Cross polarization isolation

 ≥ 30 dBAxial direction

First side lobe

≤ -14 dB





Operation temperature

-40°C+60 °C

Operating wind speed

≤11 m/sCompression weight

Storage temperature

-50°C+70 °C

Survival wind speed

≤18 m/sCompression weight

Humidity requirement

Not more than 95%20 °C

Class of protection

 IP 65

System weight

≤ 11 KgPackaging and accessories are not included

External   dimensions


System composition

1Antenna feeder unit: microstrip slot array antenna front

2Rf unit: Integrated BUC, LNB

3Structural unit: manual adjustment mechanism

4Servo unit: integrated intelligent auxiliary star hardware and software

5Communication unit: Integrated IQ200 Modem, wireless router

6Power supply unit: Support 100-240VAC power supply (equipped with AC/DC adapter), support DC 24 power supply.

System characteristics

1The advanced microstrip slit array plate feed system is adopted.

2The whole machine adopts the structure of laptop computer, which is easy to expand, collect and use.

3No matter when and where, fast, high-quality broadband transmission, transmission bandwidth is not less than 2M.

4The antenna is equipped with a modular removable battery, which can be quickly installed and used, and the battery life is not less than 3h.

5Integrated intelligent attitude measurement and positioning orientation sensor, excellent graphical UI operation interface, simple and efficient for satellite.

6Antenna integration is high, light weight, only a backpack, with good portable performance.

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