Tianyi Satcom Successfully Selected as one of the "Stars of Xi'an Key & Core-Tech Enterprises in 2023".

Recently, Xi'an Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology has publicized the list of recognized entities for the 2023 "Xi'an Key & Core Technology Enterprises Stars," with Shaanxi Tianyi Satcom Co., Ltd. among the selected companies.

Key & Core technology is the key factor to cultivate the economic development momentum, represents the fundamental guarantee of industrial upgrading and the driving force for the development of science and technology enterprises.The "Key & Core Technology Enterprises Stars" aims to identify and encourage a cohort of outstanding technology enterprises that align with global scientific frontiers, address core economic battlegrounds, and respond to pressing national demands.

Successful selection of "Xi'an Key&Core Technology Enterprise Star" is a full recognition of the independent innovation of Tianyi Satcom in communication antenna and carbon fiber composite products. Relying on the proprietary R&D technology of communication antenna and extensive experience in carbon fiber and other composite material molding technology and product development, the company will continue to solidify its market position in satellite communication and composite material products. Ultimately, Tianyi Satcom aspires to evolve into a leading entity in the integration and innovative development of communication and aerospace composite material industry.