Bucking The Trend - Tianyi Satcom’s Overseas Orders Increased By 22%

Against the backdrop of sluggish global economic growth this year, Tianyi Satcom has taken multiple measures to vigorously expand its presence in overseas markets, resulting in a robust YoY 22% increase on foreign trade orders from January to October. 

In 2023, the company proactively invited both new and existing overseas clients to visit its R&D and manufacturing facilities, showcasing satellite communication systems and novel aerospace composite products, and engaging in discussions on potential collaborations. Tianyi invited overseas customers into the factory, provided detailed overviews of its latest developments and new product initiatives, and foster in-depth dialogue to better understand customer needs and thereby refine its product offerings for more cooperation. 

Simultaneously, the company has been actively "going out" in search of cooperation opportunities. Throughout 2023, Tianyi Satcom made prominent appearances at several top-tier international exhibitions, including the JEC World Composite Show in Paris, France, the CABSAT Broadcast & Satellite Exhibition in Dubai, UAE, and CommunicAsia in Singapore. These engagements not only deepened the company's understanding of the global market but also garnered significant attention from a wide array of overseas buyers, significantly enhancing the company's popularity and influence.

Over the years, the company has insisted on the global layout of the sales network, and won the favor of international customers relying on the core technological advantages in carbon fiber and other composite material molding, satellite communication antenna equipment and excellent product quality. In the future, the company will actively explore the military and civilian markets, intensify its efforts in international market development, promote the rapid growth of overseas civilian market, and thereby enlarge the scale of its civilian business operations.