Tianyi Satcom participates in the Middle East Dubai Broadcast & Satellite Exhibition


From May 16th to 18th, local time in Dubai, the 2023 Middle East Dubai Broadcast & Satellite Exhibition (CABSAT) was held at the Dubai World Trade Centre in the United Arab Emirates. Tianyi Satcom dispatched a core team to participate in this year's event, fully committed to expanding its overseas market.

This marks Tianyi Technology's sixth participation in the Dubai Broadcast & Satellite Exhibition. During the show, the company prominently displayed a range of products, including its series of radomes,0.45m Ka-band airborne on the move antenna, 0.6m Ku-band wide-band flat-panel MCT, 1.2m Ku/Ka-band X-Y portable antenna, and 4.5m Ka/Ku dual-frequency antenna, etc.These offerings drew considerable interest from a diverse array of visitors from the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and beyond, prompting numerous inquiries and discussions. On-site staff warmly welcomed and engaged in in-depth conversations with international clients, uncovering user needs and pursuing potential partnerships.

The Middle East Dubai Broadcast & Satellite Exhibition is the sole satellite industry-specific trade fair in the Middle East and ranks as the third-largest of its kind worldwide, encompassing the entire professional spectrum of broadcasting, cable, satellite, and digital media production, management, and transmission.

As the only Chinese enterprise currently covering the entire satellite communication antenna value chain, Tianyi Satcom offers over 150 distinct product specifications, boasting robust R&D capabilities in the development and manufacturing processes of large, complex, high-precision carbon fiber composite communication antenna panels and one-piece molding technology for large carbon fiber antenna panels. Multiple communication antennas developed by the company exhibit technological levels that are internationally advanced and domestically leading.

For years, Tianyi Satcom insists on the globalization of sales network, and has won the favor of international customers with its advanced core technology and excellent product quality. In the future, Tianyi Satcom will intensify its international market development efforts, fostering enhanced communication with overseas clients to jointly capitalize on emerging market opportunities.