Fire Extinguishing Bomb

Precision-guided fire bomb

Precision-guided fire bomb is specially for high-risk, high-intensity fire, rapid disposal, blocking and rescue needs of the research and development of a helicopter, unmanned aircraft high-altitude precision delivery of large vehicles, can be adapted to a variety of flight platforms, the degree of generalization is high. It adopts image and GPS guidance.

Technical parameters

NamePrecision-guided   fire bomb
Bomb Diameter   (mm)220mm315mm
Bomb Weight   (kg)30-40KG 70-80KG
Bomb Length   (mm)1400mm 1670mm
Relative   Height of Drops (m)500m~1000m500m~1000m
Range (m)300m~1000m 
Projectile   Speed (km/h)100Km / h ~ 200Km / h 
Missile   GuidanceBeidou   satellite + inertial combination
of guidance + image guidance
Hit AccuracyCEP not more than 10   meters 
Launch Modegravity glide launching
Fire   Extinguishing Agent Typepolymer gel fire   extinguishing agent 
Fighting Part   of the Detonation Height (m)5 meters / 20 meters 
Blasting   Methodnew gas blasting   method 
Spreading   Area (m^2)not less than 60m². 

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