Antenna Radome

The glass fiber or Honeycomb aramid paper structure radome One step molding technology Customized size and up to V band with low insertion Loss high quanltiy with lower weight

System description

Antenna Radome is made of The glass fiber or Honeycomb aramid paper. Antenna radome adopts special resin for the radome and the fiber material adopts non-alkali fiber.It protects antenna system from impact of rain, wind, sand, snow and solar radiation.



Tianyisatcom supply from 0.6-13M antenna radome and custmerized size .
Resistance to rain and snow, earthquake, wind , solar radiation, salt mist, fungus, hot and humid.
The service temperature range for antennas radome: -30℃~+60℃;
The service life is over 15 years.
The insertion loss of the radome is ≤0.3dB
wave transmittances rate is ≥90%


Benefits of Antenna Radome

It maintains antenna performance to be stable and reliable.
It reduces wear and corrosion of the antenna system. Hence extends life of the antenna.It reduces weight of the mechanical structure and reduces inertia and improves natural frequency.
Test and maintance persons can work inside radome and hence they are protected from external environment.

Advantage of Tiansatcom

TIANYI Satcom is a high-tech company in R&D and manufacture of such various satellite antennas as carbon fiber flyaway, SNG ,COTM and ESA at different bands.
The new factory with 20000m² in R&D and production will be used of 2019.
Have ability to make 2000-3000 units of communication antennas per year. Up to 3 times and ability in R&D than before.


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